Elizabeth Spitsbergen won two Emmy Awards in 2013 for her Directing and Producing Achievements. The first award, for a student film: “Handle with Care” was written, directed, and produced by Elizabeth. The second award was for a student film: “Exorcism” that she produced at San Diego State University.

Dating back to her childhood, Elizabeth grew up on a horse ranch in Ramona, California. By the age of sixteen she had been kicked, trampled, bitten and bucked off a horse. Every time she was injured she just wished there was a camera rolling to capture all the excitement behind each incident.

In 2005, Elizabeth was given the opportunity to be a production assistant for a Pat n’ Oscars commercial. Without hesitation to the 4am call time, she took up the offer. Her first job on set was to start filling breadsticks with steam, beautifying each break of bread on camera to look extra delicious. The director then asked her to be the hand model for the commercial. Eighteen takes later of breaking steamed breadsticks, Elizabeth could no longer feel her blistered thumbs. She was hooked. Goodbye law school, hello commercial production.

After working in the industry for four years she wanted to further her education in Film. She studied abroad in Sunderland, England, emphasizing her studies in television production. Then returned home to California to receive a Bachelors of Science degree in Television, Film and New Media Production at San Diego State University. She constantly travels, documenting remote regions of the earth in Africa, Australia, Europe, Japan, South Korea and Nepal. During her travels she worked at 6 different orphanages. She loves working with children and has built a production company doing short films for parents of their kids. Her company BUOYANT PRODUCTIONS, offers a wide range of work to meet all client needs, from commercial production to training videos. Elizabeth feels that everyday working in the film industry isn’t really work; there is still the pain of the alarm clock every morning but when filming starts she is back in a dream state, living an unbeatable reality.